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I'm new to mercurial and examining bitbucket.org infrastructure. If i fork some project at bitbucked via "fork" button - what is the preferred way to keep fork up-to-date? Is fork "origin" saved somewhere in forked repository? Of course i can manually specify repository in "pull" command - but this seems awkward to me.

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Within the bitbucket interface there is a notion of "origin", but I don't think you can do a pull within bitbucket.

Within your local clone of your fork you can name URLs in your .hg/hgrc file's [paths] section, after which you can just do 'hg pull NAME`. For example I'll often do:

upstream = http://path/to/repo/from/which/I/forked

Then you can do hg pull upstream to pull in those changes. For more options see hg help paths and http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/hgrc.5.html#paths

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