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OK, So I am working on this Nivo Slider for a website I am doing for my school... I am wondering if it is possible to actually get the Nivo Slider to transition with text below. Not necessarily a caption but like when the Nivo goes to a new image the text below will go to another bit of text. I have the Nivo working in all browsers but I was curious if anyone knew if this was even possible. I tryed putting large text in a caption but It just made the caption go all over the Nivo instead of down below the image like I want..

Thanks for any suggestions!

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You can place text below the gallery using the caption option and just display it below using CSS.

Simply go in to the nivo-slider.css file and change the position of the nivo-caption class to relative.

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yes this is possible, with simple css modification you can display the captions under the slider and they'll fade at the same time as the images.

Kind regards

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