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I'm using refinery CMS with the refinierycms-blog and refinerycms-pages-images engines and I'd like to add a new custom field to each image (by default there is a caption field).

I've run a database migration so there is the a field on refinery_image_pages to hold the value, and edited refinery/admin/pages/tabs/_image_field.html.erb like so to show the field:

<%= text_field_tag "#{f.object_name.demodulize}[images_attributes][#{index}][image_margin_top]",

(image_margin_top being my custom field.)

My question is a two-parter:

  1. How can I get the image_margin_top value to save to the db when submitting the blog edit form? I'm guessing I may need to edit one of the core models?

  2. How can I display image_margin_top's value on the admin form? The default caption field uses a utility method in _image_field.html.erb -


I'd like to create a image_margin_top_for_image_index() method but am not sure where to do so.

Many thanks

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