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So here is my dilemma, and I've done a few days worth of research to try to find out how to solve it.

Problem: I have function that reads rows of an xml file with js that then stores certain rows (a1, a2, a3, etc.) to variable/array. I then need to sort them by value, and choose the top five biggest numbers and use their ids to choose other information from the xml files.

For example I have a1, a4, a5, a6, and a2 are my biggest rows for this file (the values change from file to file). I then need to, with those variables picked, grab data from 10 rows with similar names and perform a math equation on them (the new rows are the same as the first except with a "a" or a "b" on the end).

My theoretical solution: Read the rows from the xml into an array, and read the corresponding rows into two more arrays. Then when I sort the first array, i can take the cell names of the top five arrays and use that to define which array cells i use from the other two arrays to complete my equation.

Here are my three arrays.

indSort[0] = Number($(this).find("n0").text());
indSort[1] = Number($(this).find("n1").text());
indSort[2] = Number($(this).find("n2").text());
indSort[3] = Number($(this).find("n3").text());
indSort[4] = Number($(this).find("n4").text());
indSort[5] = Number($(this).find("n5").text());
indSort[6] = Number($(this).find("n6").text());
indSort[7] = Number($(this).find("n7").text());
indSort[8] = Number($(this).find("n8").text());
indSort[9] = Number($(this).find("n9").text());
indSort[10] = Number($(this).find("n10").text());
indSort[11] = Number($(this).find("n11").text());
indSort[12] = Number($(this).find("n12").text());
indSort[13] = Number($(this).find("n13").text());
indSort[14] = Number($(this).find("n14").text());
indSort[15] = Number($(this).find("n15").text());
indSort[16] = Number($(this).find("n16").text());
indSort[17] = Number($(this).find("n17").text());
indSort[18] = Number($(this).find("n18").text());
indSort[19] = Number($(this).find("n19").text());
indSort[20] = Number($(this).find("n20").text());

indSorta[0] = Number($(this).find("n0a").text());
indSorta[1] = Number($(this).find("n1a").text());
indSorta[2] = Number($(this).find("n2a").text());
indSorta[3] = Number($(this).find("n3a").text());
indSorta[4] = Number($(this).find("n4a").text());
indSorta[5] = Number($(this).find("n5a").text());
indSorta[6] = Number($(this).find("n6a").text());
indSorta[7] = Number($(this).find("n7a").text());
indSorta[8] = Number($(this).find("n8a").text());
indSorta[9] = Number($(this).find("n9a").text());
indSorta[10] = Number($(this).find("n10a").text());
indSorta[11] = Number($(this).find("n11a").text());
indSorta[12] = Number($(this).find("n12a").text());
indSorta[13] = Number($(this).find("n13a").text());
indSorta[14] = Number($(this).find("n14a").text());
indSorta[15] = Number($(this).find("n15a").text());
indSorta[16] = Number($(this).find("n16a").text());
indSorta[17] = Number($(this).find("n17a").text());
indSorta[18] = Number($(this).find("n18a").text());
indSorta[19] = Number($(this).find("n19a").text());
indSorta[20] = Number($(this).find("n20a").text());

indSortb[0] = Number($(this).find("n0b").text());
indSortb[1] = Number($(this).find("n1b").text());
indSortb[2] = Number($(this).find("n2b").text());
indSortb[3] = Number($(this).find("n3b").text());
indSortb[4] = Number($(this).find("n4b").text());
indSortb[5] = Number($(this).find("n5b").text());
indSortb[6] = Number($(this).find("n6b").text());
indSortb[7] = Number($(this).find("n7b").text());
indSortb[8] = Number($(this).find("n8b").text());
indSortb[9] = Number($(this).find("n9b").text());
indSortb[10] = Number($(this).find("n10b").text());
indSortb[11] = Number($(this).find("n11b").text());
indSortb[12] = Number($(this).find("n12b").text());
indSortb[13] = Number($(this).find("n13b").text());
indSortb[14] = Number($(this).find("n14b").text());
indSortb[15] = Number($(this).find("n15b").text());
indSortb[16] = Number($(this).find("n16b").text());
indSortb[17] = Number($(this).find("n17b").text());
indSortb[18] = Number($(this).find("n18b").text());
indSortb[19] = Number($(this).find("n19b").text());
indSortb[20] = Number($(this).find("n20b").text());

Any help would be super great!!!!

EDIT: I'm also open to doing things differently. Examples would really help.

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what is the question? – l--''''''---------'''''''''''' Apr 18 '12 at 18:19
Are you seriously using that code? – Niklas B. Apr 18 '12 at 18:20
Let me introduce you to your new best friend... the for loop. – squint Apr 18 '12 at 18:21
Your code so far is the same (except much slower because of all the jQuery objects you create) than var $this = $(this); for(var i = 0; i <= 20; i++){ indSort.push(+$this.find('n' + i)); indSorta.push(+$this.find('n' + i + 'a')); indSortb.push(+$this.find('n' + i + 'b')); } Which with proper formatting would also be a lot more readable. – Paulpro Apr 18 '12 at 18:23
Behold - the mighty and mysterious for statement, it will amplify your powers and curses your enemies with fear. Handle with care, as its fragile nature could even destroy the universe itself! (Nah, it won't, but seriously, don't repeat yourself!) – Zeta Apr 18 '12 at 18:25

An elegant way to sort your elements:

$(this).find("*").sort(function(a, b){
  return +b.innerHTML-a.innerHTML;

After you can use slice() to get the first 5 elements

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You can use a custom compare function for .sort(), where you may compare some values of the rows against each other. Then use just:

array.sort(customCompare).slice(0, 5);
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I'll play around with this and get back to you. Thanks! – user1106606 Apr 18 '12 at 18:49

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