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I host a WAVE-file, which plays fine, it's URL is entered in Mobile Safari directly. Trying to embed it in a simple HTML page shows me a "can't play" icon.

alt text

What's wrong with my embed code?

<embed href="http://localhost/test.wav" type="audio/wav"/>
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What's wrong with your embed code is ... you didn't post it here. – AmbroseChapel Jun 20 '09 at 23:56
Ahhh. Thank you. The code was actually included in the post. But somehow stackoverflow's rich text editor made it disappear. Sorry, I haven't seen that. Now it's corrected. – Stefan Jun 21 '09 at 12:03
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It was a server problem. Apache has a special mode for downloading the file. You need it for embedding the audio, as I posted above.

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MobileSafari does not support the embed tag. You can link to a supported audio file though, as you mention, and it will play using the native music player when a user presses the link.

This page has a list of supported filetypes.

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