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Is there any good php5 OOP tutorial site?

I Googled for a while ,and
found that there are all of PHP4 OOP site everywhere.

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It's not free, but the best resource I found about PHP5 + OO in general is Matt Zandstras PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice.

It not only shows you the basics (classes v. objects, inheritance, polymorphism etc, which is where most people stop when learning OO) but it also goes through design patterns which show you how to do OO right.

By 'right' I just mean things like coding to an interface, DRY, composition over inheritance etc. Crucially, it goes over basic UML (class and sequence diagrams) which really help to give you a visual understanding of OO. Thoroughly recommended.

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Upvoted, really great book! – usoban Jul 11 '09 at 11:56

There are few places where you can learn about object oriented programming (OOP) in PHP:


Classes and Objects (PHP 5)

OOP in PHP5 (Warning - pdf!)

Presentation on contrastin oop in PHP4 vs PHP5 (few other presentations are also availible on guide about migrattin oop from PHP4 to PHP5

There are also few books, ie: Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

When you use google you will find many sites about this and if you really want to learn it, just buy and study one of the newer books about oop in php5 - usually they have good information, written with easy language.

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This is a very good tutorial with concepts explained clearly.

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Here is the official Tutorial/Overview...

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There's a PHP 5 OOP Tutorial here.

"I hope to use these tutorials to introduce to you some of the new features of the PHP 5 object model."

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sorry, that site explain only new features. I need all of OOP features. because I don't know about OOP at all. – aaa Jun 20 '09 at 13:01
I mean there are 25 featurers for PHP5 OOP, and old ones are 20, and new ones are 5, and that site explain only new 5s. – aaa Jun 20 '09 at 13:02 is providing best PHP5 tutorials

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The best PHP5 tutorials? You wouldn't be saying that just because its your website, would you? – Brandon Aug 13 '09 at 1:16

I've written some PHP5 tutorials here with example downloads:

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I learned a lot about basics at

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