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I was reading the AVPlayer class documentation and I couldn't find the answer for my question.

I'm playing a streamed audio from the Internet on my iPhone app and I'd like to know if after a [myAVPlayer pause]; invocation myAVPlayer will keep downloading the audio file on the background for a long time.

If the user pushes the "Pause" button, invoking [myAVPlayer pause]; and then leaves the app, will myAVPlayer keep downloading a large amount of data?

I'm concerned about this when the user is on 3G Network.

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I am faced with the same question and have done some experimentation. My observations are only valid for video, but if they are also valid for audio, then AVPlayer will try to buffer around 30s of content when you press pause. If you have access to the webserver, you could run tcpdump/wireshark and see how long after you press pause that the server continues to send data.

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Great! I'll run Wireshark on that! –  Winston Apr 25 '12 at 16:34

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