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I'm trying to insert some information and some pictures from a database into a Word Document.

I have created a Word document to serve as a template where I want to find and replace the keywords with the actual data and picture.

How do I open this template, replace the keywords, and put it into the new document. Then I need to re-open that template and do it again until everyone in the List is inside the new Word document.

//The template file exists, so open it and use it to set up the main Word document
using (WordprocessingDocument templatePackage = WordprocessingDocument.Open(templateDocPath, false))
    //Read the template file
    string docText = null;
    using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(templatePackage.MainDocumentPart.GetStream()))
        docText = sr.ReadToEnd();

    string tempString = docText;
    Regex regexText = new Regex("<name>");
    docText = regexText.Replace(docText, tnlCampers[0].FirstName + " " + tnlCampers[0].LastName);

    regexText = new Regex("<address>");
    docText = regexText.Replace(docText, tnlCampers[0].Address1 + " " + tnlCampers[0].Address2 + " " + tnlCampers[0].City + ", " + tnlCampers[0].State + " " + tnlCampers[0].ZipCode);

    regexText = new Regex("<phone>");
    docText = regexText.Replace(docText, tnlCampers[0].CellPhone);

    regexText = new Regex("<email>");
    docText = regexText.Replace(docText, tnlCampers[0].Email);

    //Write to the newly created Word Document
    using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(package.MainDocumentPart.GetStream(FileMode.Create)))

But when I do a foreach loop on my tnlCampers list it throws an error because it's trying to copy the full document structure instead of just the body part. What can i do?

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whathaveyoutried.com - It is a good read, you should check it out. –  Travis J Apr 18 '12 at 18:58
@TravisJ I've never really done anything like this before. So any help is appreciated. I'm not necessarily asking for the solution. Just a point in the right direction. –  Dro Sarhadian Apr 18 '12 at 19:00
If you have visual studio, start by looking at their word 2007 template project. (there's also a word 2003 template project). I think this should be a 'point in the right direction' –  Wolf-Kun Apr 18 '12 at 19:21

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You can try Word Doc Generator which is an utility to generate Word documents from templates using Visual Studio 2010 and Open XML 2.0 SDK.

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you might also try our GemBox.Document component.

It has very user friendly and efficient support for mail merge. See C# Word mail merge article and customize mail merge sample.

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