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I have the following issue: I have a large grid, that is primarily sorted by date since the load. This particular table also has the ability to group, as shown in the following image:

(Sorry for posting an image like this, but thanks to the spam filter, i cant directly insert one here)

enter image description here

Issue is that when i group by date (do note that this behavior is not observed in other columns other than date) this happens:

enter image description here

But if i order the date in to the other way, such behavior is no longer observed

I should note also that this implementation is under ASP.MVC 3. I tried to format the date differently, but without avail.

Thanks for your time

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Sorry, but what is the problem which you has? The items seems be grouped and correct sorted. All groups are collapsed like you probably wanted (groupCollapse: true). What's wrong in the grid? –  Oleg Apr 18 '12 at 19:38
Hi @Oleg, thanks for you input. Problem is that the picture #2 depicts the grouped sorting in descendant fashion. As you can see, the data is incorrectly sorted by year (first must be 2012 tasks, then 2011 tasks, then 2010 tasks, and so on). If you go the other way (ascendant order), this does not happen. I hope its clearer now. Thanks again for you time. –  Mauro Laurent Apr 18 '12 at 21:27

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If the problem is only the order of sorting (see comments to the question) I think one could solve the problem by the usage sorttype as function. See the old answer and this one for details.

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