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I am using spring-mvc 3.1.0.RELEASE and for some reason, mapping POST with query params and request body does not work.

Here is how my controller method looks:

  @RequestMapping(method = POST, value = "/post-to-me/") 
  public void handlePost(
    @RequestBody Content content,
    @RequestParam("param1") String param1,
    @RequestParam("param2") String param2
       //do stuff       

However, if I convert all the request params to path params, mapping works. Has anyone run into something similar?


EDIT: "does not work" == 404 when I try doing, POST /post-to-me?param1=x&param2=y

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Does it work, if you remove @RequestParam("param1") String param1 and param2 too? –  Ralph Apr 19 '12 at 5:58
what content-type does your request have and what content type it accepts in response? –  soulcheck Apr 19 '12 at 10:23

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First, your POST url doen't match the controller method url, your POST url must be "/post-to-me/?param1=x&param2=y" not "/post-to-me?param1=x&param2=y"

Second, where did Content class come from?? I used a String and works fine for me

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, value = "/post-to-me/")
public void handlePost(@RequestBody String content,
        @RequestParam("param1") String param1,
        @RequestParam("param2") String param2, HttpServletResponse response) {

Note that I used HttpServletResponse to return a HTTP 200 code, but I think there is a better solution for return Http codes, check this: Multiple response http status in Spring MVC

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