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I have 2 CMFCRibbonComboBox on the same Panel in a Ribbon- Eg:

CMFCRibbonComboBox *individualComputers = 
   new CMFCRibbonComboBox(-1,FALSE, 100, "Individual Computers", -1);

individualComputers->AddItem("Computer 1");
individualComputers->AddItem("Computer 2");
individualComputers->AddItem("Computer 3");

CMFCRibbonComboBox * groupNames = 
   new CMFCRibbonComboBox (-1, FALSE, 100, "Computer Group Names", -1);

groupNames->AddItem("GROUP 1");
groupNames->AddItem("GROUP 2");
groupNames->AddItem("GROUP 3");

CMFCRibbonPanel* pComputerGroups =  cComputerGroups->AddPanel("All Groups"); 
//cComputerGroups is a Category


The problem is that , when I select "Group 1" in the groupNames comboBox from the UI(USer Interface) , then even "Computer 1" from the group individualComputers is selected. How do I make each combobox group independent of the other? Thanks.

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I suspect you didn't want add your combobox to itself individualComputers->Add(individualComputers); should perhaps be pComputerGroups->Add(individualComputers);

Otherwise your bug is probably elsewhere in your command or updateUI handling code not shown. This is likely as you are using the same ID of -1 to identify both combo boxes.

Furthermore there is no overloaded constructor for CMFCRibbonComboBox which takes an additional two parameters as you have shown for groupNames.

In the future please show actual code which follows SSCCE

Edit: Made previously unaddressed comment bold as it is likely to be your remaining issue. Consider using const UINT CB_COMP_ID = 1; and const UINT CB_GROUP_ID = 2; then you can reference each combo box separately using CB_COMP_ID or CB_GROUP_ID in the message map etc.

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Made changes suggested. Going ahead will try to adhere to SSCCE. – Eternal Learner Apr 18 '12 at 20:21

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