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I have a radio button:

<input type="radio">test</input>

and I would like to retrieve the element by XPath using through its type and the text inside. I have tried the following:

//input[@type='radio' and text() = 'test']

but it hasn't worked out. I believe the problem is in the text() part since //input[@type='radio'] does select the element.

What is it I'm doing wrong?

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In HTML/XHTML, input is an empty element; it cannot contain text. In this case, the text test actually exists as a sibling text node that directly follows the input element node, rather than as a text node within the input element node. Consequently, the closing </input> tag you have there doesn't mean anything.

Try this instead:

//input[@type='radio' and following-sibling::text() = 'test']

Or this:

//input[@type='radio' and contains(following-sibling::text(), 'test')]
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bingo.. spot-on! thanks! –  Krt_Malta Apr 18 '12 at 19:50
Yeah, the browser is ignoring the invalid </input> tag. Yet another stupid result of the Netscape v. IE3 wars. –  Ross Patterson Apr 18 '12 at 23:22

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