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I am trying to use django-utils to start a lot of of commands asynchronously, in parallel threads (These commands deal 99.99% with I/O). However, I keep getting the following error:

QueueException: MyProject.maintenanceInterface.commands.queuecmd_refreshDataAsync not found in CommandRegistry

the function refreshDataAsync is in commands.py inside maintenanceInterface - and maintenanceInterface is in the list of installed apps.

I am running the queue consumer like so:

python .\manage.py queue_consumer

When I look at the queue consumer log, it will tell me that it has found the function (at init):

2012-04-18 16:57:10,598:djutils.queue.logger:INFO:Starting periodic command execution thread

and still throw the exception.

Am I missing a step somewhere?

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Not a straight forward answer but indeed a nice suggestion, just use celery and django celery to do this async processing.

You can do everything you with django-utils (at least in terms of async) and much more (lots of backends, any kind of setting/parameter you can name you have it), there are also few related projects that use celery to do things async (eg. you want to send emails using celery you write 0 lines of code, there's an app for that.)

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Next version of the system will use celery. –  Goro Apr 19 '12 at 18:52

The problem was that the consumer was importing the same library as the django codebase - but with a slightly different path.

The consumer was importing


And the code was explicitly calling the package above it:


So the consumer was unable to match and would not run the command.

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