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I am trying to add some tag information in my ant script using the following target but I get an error (Result=-1) and hg tells me it does not recognise the command:

<target name="-post-init">
    <exec outputproperty="hg.tag" executable="hg">
        <arg value="parents --template {latesttag}+{latesttagdistance}" />

If I only include value="parents" it works fine.
If I run the command line hg parents --template {latesttag}+{latesttagdistance} it works fine too.

Any ideas on what is wrong in my syntax?

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Just tried this and it works fine:

    <exec outputproperty="hg.tag" executable="hg">
        <arg value="parents" />
        <arg value="--template" />
        <arg value="{latesttag}+{latesttagdistance}" />

I needed to split the arguments.

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