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I am trying to post a verb to the timeline. Each time a user clicks the button to post to the timeline i want different information to be passed through eg User clicks post on page one post using code

        '/me/devthree:Visited?product=', 'post',

but then on the second page when they click i want to post using code

        '/me/devthree:Visited?product=', 'post',

The post is successful but on the page testOgWebsite.aspx there is no information being passes through in the query string. Am I going the right way about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Not sure if you intended it, but those two lines are the same.

This is how I've passed parameters:

FB.api('/me/devthree:Visited', 'post', {
        product: "", 
        Data: "Product1"

Note, another reason that it's probably not working is that you have two '?' in your URL as in this:


Should be this:

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