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I'm deploying a site to an server, but the port 22 is blocked at my office. I can now use corkscrew with the ssh_config ProxyCommand directive, and everything works fine, just connect using $ ssh my_server_alias_in_sshconfig.

Now I need to use Fabric to ease deployment, but even when setting env.use_ssh_config=True it doesn't work, it just looked up the IP address of the server and tried to connect directly, ignoring ProxyCommand and everything else. The Fabric docs says it leverages some of the config settings available, but without using ProxyCommand, Fabric seems useless here.

Any help?

I got this gist, but I don't think it solves the ProxyCommand requirement.


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For the moment, I set up a LocalForward directive like:

Host my_server_using_corkscrew
    ProxyCommand ...
    LocalForward 1122 localhost:22

And below:

Host my_server_using_corkscrew.localtunnel
    Hostname localhost
    Port 1122

And then, run Fabric with:

$ fab my_deploy_command --hosts=my_server_using_corkscrew.localtunnel

This has two inconveniences:

  • I need to start the "tunnel" first with $ ssh my_server_using_corkscrew and leave it open.
  • Inside the fabfile, the hostname is always localhost, so it can be a problem when deploying to multiple servers at once.

I'm using this for the time, but, can this be improved?

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A better workaround but still not perfect:

Host somebox
    ControlMaster auto
    ControlPath ~/.ssh/socket/%r@%h:%p

Then $ ssh somebox first and leave it open, then $ fab -H somebox deploy and the traffic will go through the sock and so it'll respect the ProxyCommand.

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