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I am new to MVC
some of the properties in My model especially property of type int become required by default without decorating it with [Required] attributes.however the problem is solved by making the filled nullable i.e int? Some property.
But i am not sure that this is the best approach or not... also i doubt if making a property nullable gonna make some problem later in code or not.
Any suggestion is highly appreciable.
Thanks in advance !!! :)

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There's nothing wrong with making them nullable. Why do you think there will be "problems"? – Kirk Woll Apr 18 '12 at 19:59
The way to go is Nullable<T> as you already use. There's nothing wrong with that. – Mario Sannum Apr 18 '12 at 20:03
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Nullable is okay, but you need to take extra care when using values that could be null. The easiest is to use the coalesce null operator ??

var foo = myNullableField ?? new bar()

If the nullable field is, in fact null, foo will be assigned as a new object (in this example, you could use a default string, int, whatever). If it's not null it'll take the value from myNullableField

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Nullable is the preferable approach. It's not sloppy.

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