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I know it most likely possible to access a winforms menu like an array but I am not seeing it in the menu designer of VS2008? What I mean is, my app has a typical menu bar across the top, with multiple items on each drop down. As it is written (I inherited this code), each menu item is a separate name, i.e.



I need the ability to enable or disable (or even hide/unhide) menu options depending on user privileges, for example:

For I = 0 to maxIndex
    myMenuOption(I).Enabled = myUser.IsAdministrator

Obviously I could set/unset each menu item by name, but for a lot of reasons I'd prefer to use loops.

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ToolStripMenuItems are exposed through ContextMenuStrip.Items

For Each myItem As ToolStripMenuItem In myContextMenuStrip.Items
    myItem.Enabled = myUser.IsAdministrator
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Each child menu item is in the DropDownItems collection - So you can loop through that (If you are using ToolStripMenuItems and not the older style menus).

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For Each Menu As ToolStripMenuItem In MenuPrincipal.Items

    For Each Item As ToolStripItem In Menu.DropDownItems
        If TypeOf (Item) Is ToolStripMenuItem Then
            AddHandler Item.Click, AddressOf Menu_OnClick
        End If



This way you can access each of the events as follows:

Private Sub Menu_OnClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

    Dim Frm As Form = GetFormByName(sender.name)
    If sender.Tag = "Modal" Then
    ElseIf sender.Tag = "Modeless" Then
        OpenForm(Frm, True)
    End If

End Sub
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