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I have a situation where I need to setup a standalone version of wso2 Identity Server and have that act as the SSO provider into all of the products in Stratos.

Currently I have Stratos Identity Server configured so that I can login via the standalone Identity Server, using admin.

However, if I use another user I either

  1. get a "Authorization Failure"
  2. or cannot login.

First Question

1) I have the same user created in both Identity Server (that is not admin). Why would I get the "Authorization Failure" ?

Second Question

2) Why is it I can not even get to the "Authorization Failure" problem if I have a user created with username in format of ?


I figured out that if I remove the property tags in user-mgt.xml that reference the usernames with regular expressions I am able to create usernames in the format of But I am still unable to use that username to login, the error log says that the account has not been activated.

I also created two instances of wso2 identity server and configured them in such a way to test being able to use one to login to the other. I was able to do this by making sure that the same username and password was in both servers list of users. This way I do not get the "Authorization Failure"

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The answers I came up with.
1. I need to have the same username and password in each Identity Server.
2. I cannot have format unless I have Multi-tenancy configured. Otherwise wso2 will try to find the ACTIVATE field in the Tenant table and not find it.

UPDATE: I got this installed and configured and it turned out that I now get another error about

Issuer details are not valid. Issuer details should be registered in advance

So my answer turned out not to to be valid.

I wonder why I get this new login failure?

I resolved this problem by downloading just the wso2 stratos IS 1.5.2 package. I installed it. Configured with same configuration I was using before. Now I can login without problems across domains.

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WSO2 Stratos 1.6.0 is available for you to download at It is a pre-configured pack and SSO is also configured and works fine. – Amila Maharachchi Mar 26 '13 at 19:07

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