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I'm trying to figure out an ideal way to test my views, written in Jade. They contain some logic. For example on the home page if a cookie has been set it should show a button to link to the main console and have option to logout versus if no cookie is set it should show login.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Have a look at selenium


And of course the node adapter


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I think that are not hard bugs to debug(You should see that in the browser window if it happens). But if you really want to I think you have following options:

  • Write the tests the way TJ did looking at his tests. He has written tests for almost everything.
  • Doing headless testing use for example tobi or zombie.js. There is also phantom.js, but this product is not developed in node.js.
  • selenium(not developed in node.js) with soda like deltanovember pointed out.
  • You could use js-test-driver to test all your browsers(client-side javascript). You could also use YETI(using YUI test framework) to test all your code in all the browsers.
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