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I am stuck using a pre 5.2 release of PHP (v 5.1.6), and therefore don't have access to the handy functions like json_decode()

To complicate matters, I also don't have server privileges to install any extensions.

It would be really nice to simply include a class definition that i can use to create objects (or even a complex array) from a string of json data.

Does anyone know of a lightweight and reliable class definition that will work for me?

(I don't really feel like re-inventing the wheel here.)

Thanks in Advance!

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This looks promising Most 'modern' functions usually have backwards-compatible solutions in the comments. – Mike B Apr 18 '12 at 20:40
possible duplicate of How can I decode json in PHP 5.1? – ataylor Apr 18 '12 at 22:11
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You can download the pear JSON library directly and include the script in your app. Check out this link:

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Thanks Shawn. Works great when applied with examples provided by Mike B and Guillaume. – anarnold Apr 18 '12 at 21:21

You can use Services_JSON on PEAR, you'll use it like this:

if ( !function_exists('json_decode') ){
    function json_decode($content, $assoc=false){
        if ( $assoc ){
            $json = new Services_JSON(SERVICES_JSON_LOOSE_TYPE);
        } else {
            $json = new Services_JSON;
        return $json->decode($content);
    function json_encode($content){
        $json = new Services_JSON;
        return $json->encode($content);
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Check out Zend_Json, it seems OK, but I don't know the minimum php version required.

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