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I am using a wordpress ajax call to return simple content from a function in wordpress theme functions.php. However, a full html page is returned instead.

Here is the ajax call

$ajax_nonce = wp_create_nonce("iwhq_beginner_select_course");

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

jQuery("#beg_golf_course").change(function() {  //do this when course changes

//in Wordpress ajaxurl always points to admin-ajax.php
var ajaxurl = '<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); ?>';
var course_id = 4; 

//Do the ajax
        type: "POST", 
        url: ajaxurl,

        //NOTE - the action parameter calls the function in functions.php
        data: { action: 'select_course_aj', course_id: course_id, _ajax_nonce: '<?php echo $ajax_nonce; ?>' },

        //display alert on success
        success: function(html){ 
    }); //close jQuery.ajax(
    return false;


And this is the function in functions.php

function select_course_func(){
echo $_POST["course_id"];


The HTML of the page containing the jquery ajax call is actually displayed in the alert instead of the echo.

Any geniuses out there able to tell me why?

Thanks Mark

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I did include the nonce call in select_course_func PHP call in functions.php, but got the same result. check_ajax_referer( 'iwhq_beginner_select_course', '_ajax_nonce' ); – Markol Apr 18 '12 at 20:43
Have you looked at the request/response in Firebug? – Jay Blanchard Apr 18 '12 at 20:46
so what exactly is alerting? youre expecting '4' correct? whats happening is the div your using the html function on loading and html 404 page? check the url youre sending the ajax call to. like Jay Blanchard said you can easily do this in firebug or the network tab in chrome. – Rooster Apr 18 '12 at 21:35
Heres the result when I check the network tab in Chrome: I cant understand why it would give me a 302 for admin.php - I tested this link in my code and it linked to – Markol Apr 19 '12 at 13:54
Yes John B, I was expecting 4 to alert but the full HTML page where the ajax call originates is displayed in the alert instead. – Markol Apr 19 '12 at 14:01
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OK, Problem solved. See my last 3 comments above plus...

!defined('DOING_AJAX') is a constant that can be used to test that the user is not performing an ajax request. I combined this with my logic for redirecting non-admins to the frontend and it works now.

/* check the role of current loged in user for redirection */
function rt_checkRole() {

    global $wp_roles;
    $currentrole ='';
    foreach ( $wp_roles->role_names as $role => $name ) {
        if ( current_user_can( $role ) ){
                    $currentrole = $role;
        if(!defined('DOING_AJAX') && (!$currentrole || ($currentrole != 'administrator' && $currentrole != 'editor'))){
            wp_redirect (site_url().'/front-end-login/');

Found out about !defined('DOING_AJAX') at

Thanks to all who commented.

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But why was all of the HTML being returned originally? – Scott David Tesler Jan 29 '13 at 17:56
Which file do i add this? – RenegadeAndy Nov 18 '14 at 16:48

If you want to do ajax call for non admin user you should use the code below, that will disallow wp-admin access for non admin user but allow ajax call for every user, logged in or logged out user

function my_admin_init(){
    if( !defined('DOING_AJAX') && !current_user_can('administrator') ){
        wp_redirect( home_url() );
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