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I'm having a problem with updating the screen in this game of Pong here. The run() method draws shapes to a graphics (myBuffer), which is then drawn to a bufferedImage (myImage). I'm implementing a run() method for Threads so that the paddles can move at the same time.

I know that the other classes (ball, bumper1, bumper2) work in this program because I've made Pong using the same commands in this file, but without a run() method. I used a listener in the previous one, and it updated and refreshed fine (just had an annoyance with the paddle keys interfering with each other! :/)

My guess is that either 1) the thread doesn't execute (unlikely, but unsure) or 2) the way I use the repaint() doesn't work in the thread or 3) I'm missing something obvious. :}

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A thread executes the run() method only once. To execute a block repeatedly you can use an infinite loop:

public void run() {
    for (;;) {
        // your code
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This was exactly I needed! Instead of a for loop, I put a while loop and it worked fine. Thank you. – Zchpyvr Apr 19 '12 at 0:23

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