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I need to do some programming stuff in assembler for the 68k for my college class. I'm looking for a programm to do it on os x lion. I found easy68k which is running in wine, but I have the feeling that it's not working porperly. Any guess?

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Qemu? – trojanfoe Apr 19 '12 at 10:11
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Vasm is an assembler that can be built to target the 68k and works under OS X. Check the compilation notes, but basically the command to build it from source to target the 68k, using motorola syntax is:

make CPU=m68k SYNTAX=mot
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I'll take a look at it – AzzUrr1 Apr 28 '12 at 9:56

I'm in the same situation, and I've found that Easy68k ( works very well under wine.

Also, it is possible to set up a full Debian/68k system using Aranym (see

I'll be writing something about this on my blog, hope it helps.

Source: studying m68k for college class too.



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The GNU assembler (part of binutils) can be built to target the m68k. Run configure with --target=m68k-elf (because COFF output is no longer supported for m68k). You also have the option to install gcc and newlib if you want to write some of the code in C/C++.

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