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We have a Project that contains 2 modules; web and client

The web module is a Grails application and the client module is mostly just groovy code and touch of Java code. The client module is being managed by a Gradle build script.

The Grails module has dependencies in the client module. In IntelliJ I can define that in the module config with no problems. However, when building the Grails WAR I really need to build the client JAR and have it placed in the WAR file. I'm wondering what is the best approach for this?

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Here is what I ended up doing.

In my Gradle script I have the following:

repositories {
  flatDir {
    name "genRocketRepos"
    dirs "${System.properties['user.home']}/.genRocket/repos"

uploadArchives {
  repositories {
    add project.repositories.genRocketRepos

I then run the uploadArchives task via Gradle. This published the JAR file to a local repos. In Grails BuildConfig.groovy I defined the following:

repositories {
  flatDir name:'myRepo', dirs:'${userHome}/.genRocket/repo'

dependencies {
  runtime 'genRocket:client:1.0'

Now Grails sees the dependency and includes in the classpath as well as places the JAR in the WAR for me.

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