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I want to output the translation of this string

By clicking on "Post"

Using gettext, how do I escape the quotation mark? Should I try \ "?

msgid "By clicking on"
msgstr ""
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The gettext manual only says the following, which does not really describe the allowed escape sequences.

The two strings, untranslated and translated, are quoted in various ways in the PO file, using " delimiters and \ escapes, but the translator does not really have to pay attention to the precise quoting format, as PO mode fully takes care of quoting for her.

When in doubt, just look at the source code for gettexts own po parser, the recognized escape sequences following a backslash seem to be:

  • n, t, b, r, f, v, a
  • " and \
  • Octal numbers
  • Hexadecimal numbers starting with 'x'
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Thank you Jörn. In this case the text is going to render as HTML so I could use the HTML escape sequence for " – Programmer 400 Apr 19 '12 at 11:33
Thanks. For $5, I now use $5 – Ryan Dec 20 '12 at 19:10

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