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I am doing some R&D on selenium+python. I wrote some test cases in python using selenium webdriver and unittest module. I want to know how can I create report of the test cases. Is there inbuilt solution available in selenium or I need to code to generate file.

Or is there any other web testing framework with javascript support available in python which have reporting functionality.

I am basically new to python as well as selenium. Just trying to explore.

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To start building test reports on top of Selenium+Python, I would leverage the python unittest module. You will get a basic sample in Selenium documentation here.

Then HTMLTestRunner module combined with unittest provides basic but robust HTML reports.

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My experience has been that any sufficiently useful test framework will end up needing a customized logging solution. You are going to end up wanting domain specific and context relevant information, and the pre-baked solutions never really fit the bill by virtue of being specifically designed to be generic and broadly applicable. If you are already using Python, I'd suggest looking in to the logging module and learning how to write Handlers and Formatters. It's actually pretty straight forward, and you will end up getting better results than trying to shoehorn the logging you need in to some selenium-centric module.

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Consider using the robot framework. It has a plugin for selenium, and robot produces very nice logs and reports. With robot you don't directly write your tests in python (though, I suppose you can). Instead, robot is a keyword-based testing system built on top of python.

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