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I'm using Cinder (libcinder.org) to create an application that uses some shaders.

I have existing shaders loading and working using EXACTLY the same approach, but when I added two new shaders they throw a SIGABRT exception in runtime.

Here is an example of the resource definition: #define RES_VERT CINDER_RESOURCE( ../resources/, vert.glsl, 804, GLSL ) #define RES_FRAG CINDER_RESOURCE( ../resources/, frag.glsl, 805, GLSL )

Here is the line trying to build the shader program where the exception is thrown: shader = gl::GlslProg( loadResource(RES_VERT), loadResource(RES_FRAG) );

Yes the files are included in my project and in my build path bundle settings.

Why do my resource definitions not work?

SOLVED: This was due to a shader versioning error, see comments.

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Resolved: this was an exception being thrown by the shader –  mattdlockyer Apr 18 '12 at 23:05
This fixed the shader issue: gl_PointCoord was added in GLSL 120. Tried sticking #version 120 at the top of your shader? –  mattdlockyer Apr 18 '12 at 23:19

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