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I'm having trouble using the drawOval(x,y,width,height) method, which assumes that the x and y values represent the coordinates of the "upper left corner of the oval to be drawn" (javadoc)

I want the x and y values to represent the center-point of a circle. How do I do this? Thanks

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A simple solution, if you have the width/height declared in advance, would be to use the drawOval method as follows:

drawOval( x - (width/2), y - (height/2), width, height);

This will ensure that (x, y) is at the center of the oval.


Let's say (x, y) is (10, 10) and you want to draw an oval of (height, width) = (10, 10).

drawOval(x, y, height width);

would then draw the top-right of the oval at (10, 10), and the bottom-left would be at (10 + 10, 10 + 10) = (20, 20).

On the other hand, if you use

drawOval( x - (width/2), y - (height/2), height, width);

the top-right of the oval would be drawn at ( 10 - (10/2), 10 - (10/2) ) = (5, 5) and the bottom would be drawn at (5 + 10, 5 + 10) = (15, 15). The center would then be (10, 10) :)

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