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I'm trying to write a plugin to stuff all dependencies (unzipped) into the same jar. This is what I've tried:

apply plugin: CustomZipPlugin   
class CustomZipPlugin implements Plugin<Project>{
  void apply(Project project) {
      name:'customZipTask', type: Zip)
        from {project.configurations.include.collect{zipTree(it)}}
  include 'net.sourceforge.cobertura:cobertura:'

This leads to: Cannot determine the dependencies of task ':customZipTask'

I also tried:

from project.configurations.include.collect{zipTree(it)}

This led to a: You can't change a configuration which is not in unresolved state!

However ... writing a custom task directly in my build script (instead of a build script) works .. i.e.:

task customZipTask(type: Zip){
  from {project.configurations.include.collect{zipTree(it)}}

Any suggestions on how to implement this zip code in a plugin instead ? (preferably a non-hacky solution)

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Aha!! I needed to prepend zipTree with 'project' .. that solved the problem. The error messages listed above were a bit misleading.

from project.configurations.include.collect{project.zipTree(it)}

How about println'ing all configurations ??

How would I fix the following? ( get a can't change configuration which is not resolved exception )

project.configurations.include.each {println it}
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