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When I visit my browser this is what i get:

Fatal error: Declaration of Ecs\CrmBundle\Form\Parts\DepartmentSelectionType::getDefaultOptions() must be compatible with Symfony\Component\Form\FormTypeInterface::getDefaultOptions() in C:\wamp\www\crm\src\Ecs\CrmBundle\Form\Parts\DepartmentSelectionType.php on line 41

And the file that it is referencing there is found below:


namespace Ecs\CrmBundle\Form\Parts;

use Symfony\Component\Form\AbstractType;
use Symfony\Component\Form\FormBuilder;

class DepartmentSelectionType extends AbstractType {
    private $canSeeAll = false;

    public function __construct($canSeeAll = false)
        $this->canSeeAll = $canSeeAll;

    public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
            ->add('department', 'entity',
                    'class' => "EcsAgentManagerBundle:EmployeeDepartment",
                    'required' => false,
                    'multiple' => true,
                    'expanded' => true,
                    'label' => "Department"))

    public function getDefaultOptions(array $options)
        return array(
            'data_class' => 'Ecs\AgentManagerBundle\Entity\EmployeeDepartment',

    public function getName()
        return 'ecs_crmbundle_departmentselectiontype';

is the file that it is referencing... Any ideas on what the issue can be?

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I believe the FormTypeInterface has changed in Symfony 2.1.

getDefaultOptions no longer takes an argument.

From the UPGRADE-2.1 document:

The methods getDefaultOptions() and getAllowedOptionValues() of form types no longer receive an option array.

You can specify options that depend on other options using closures instead.


public function getDefaultOptions(array $options)
    $defaultOptions = array();

    if ($options['multiple']) {
        $defaultOptions['empty_data'] = array();

    return $defaultOptions;


public function getDefaultOptions()
    return array(
        'empty_data' => function (Options $options, $previousValue) {
            return $options['multiple'] ? array() : $previousValue;
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