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I'm using RMagick to crop a large PNG file into tiles. The original PNG file is line art with a transparent background; the line edges are alpha blended to reduce jaggies. The tiles (also PNG files) are not alpha blended, and they look ugly. How do I preserve the alpha channel in the tiles?

Here's the code:

big_image =[0]

0.upto(tileset['width'] - 1) do |x|
  0.upto(tileset['height'] - 1) do |y|
    # Snip the code that sets tile_filename

    # Find the region to crop
    left = x * 256
    # The Y axis goes bottom to top
    bottom = tileset['height'] * 256
    top = bottom - ((1 + y) * 256)

    tile = big_image.crop(left, top, 256, 256)

I've checked the .alpha? method -- it returns true for both big_image and tile. I've also tried calling .alpha(ActivateAlphaChannel) on both objects; it didn't help.

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