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Im using apn_sender for rails 3 and i have been able to install the gem and get it working just fine by using

rake apn:sender

I have tried to get it started in production mode on a ubuntu box by starting the daemon and it does not seem to work. When i type

script/apn_sender --environment=production --verbose start

I dont see anything. No log present.

when i try to type

script/apn_sender status

It returns with

apn_sender: no instances running

Just trying to understand why it is not running.

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i just solved this problem. Try to create a file called 'script' in generators/apn_sender/templates . .

Put this in your script file

# !/usr/bin/env ruby

# Daemons sets pwd to /, so we have to explicitly set RAILS_ROOT
RAILS_ROOT = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..'))

require 'rubygems'
require 'apn'
require 'apn/sender_daemon'


bash 'rails g apn_sender' in your terminal and will create 'script/apn_server' with same content as above

After that bash this code

./script/apn_server --environment=production --verbose start

it will create log/apn_sender.log . Try running

APN.notify('token',{:alert => '#' , :badge => 1})

or else in rails c to confirm if it works or not , and of course
rake apn:sender

Hope it will help :)

You have to install redis and configure

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