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I'm learning Media Foundation and would like to use it from a Metro app. Unfortunately, MFCreateMediaSession is not supported for Metro apps. Why is that? How would a Metro app create a media session to, say, play a stream of PCM audio generated on the fly by the app?

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Welcome to Windows 8 where many of the APIs you once loved are missing, often for no good reason –  Robert Levy Apr 19 '12 at 23:08

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Apparently it is by design that Metro apps are not to create their own media sessions this way. The following answer provided by James Dailey, of Microsoft, on an MSDN Forum thread (additional markup by me) provides some insight:

Here are two options for you:

1) Use WASAPI and pump your synthesized PCM audio directly to the audio manager (preferred)

2) Create a custom source that can plug into the Media Foundation Media Engine

Either approach will work as expected. You will need to carefully review each method and compare them against your software requirements. For most synthesized audio scenarios, using the WASAPI is recommended.

He later clarified:

Q. WASAPI: I'm missing one crucial piece in my understanding -- how to do the initial activation/instantiation of the required objects to access audio devices. How do I even get a handle to an audio device when IMMDevice isn't supported for Metro style apps?

A. Code listed below:

Platform::String^ id = Windows::Media::Devices::MediaDevice::GetDefaultAudioCaptureId(Windows::Media::Devices::AudioDeviceRole::Console);
Microsoft::WRL::ComPtr<IAudioClient> pAudioClient = NULL;  
ActivateAudioInterface( id->Data(), __uuidof( IAudioClient ), (void**)&pAudioClient );

Q. Media Foundation Media Engine: from studying the real-time communication sample, it seems the approach for play/record would be the following -- have I got it right so far?

A. Yes this seems like a reasonable approach.

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