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I am creating a posting system and when the author clicks submit, I need to create a new file (newpost.php) in the same directory. That file will contain the content of the post and the title, author, etc. I have variables for everything like $title, $content, etc. But I also need to add div tag's and things. How can I do that using fwrite or file_put_contents? Right now, I am using file_put_contents. So in the newpost.php file, it will automatically add echo $content, etc. But that doesn't work because as soon as I leave the page the variables get destroyed. I need it to be saved in plain text.

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Use serialize and file_put_contents and a few array operations:

// Gather data to be saved
$data = array(
    'author' => 'Briedis',
    'content' => 'Content text',

// Save to file
file_put_contents('data.txt', serialize($data));

// Read from file
$saved_raw_data = file_get_contents('data.txt');
$saved_data = unserialize($saved_raw_data);

echo "Author:" . $saved_data['author'] . " Contents:" . $saved_data['content'];
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