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Currently I am on Rails 3.0.3 and I am trying to render a 'new' action in my user controller with a flash notice I get the initial flash on the new user page, but also get a repeat of the flash message when I go to another page.
From the research I've done, you use[:notice] for renders but it isn't working. Its not clearing the flash after showing it.

Here is my code: users_controller.rb

def create[:notice] = "flash test."
  render :new
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Do you have code in your application.html.erb or at the top of your view code to display the notice? – Eric Sites Apr 19 '12 at 3:53
yep, I have the flash code to display on top of my view code. – Goalie Apr 20 '12 at 0:01
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Not sure if it will solve your problem, but did u try


Consider this railscast

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It should work, now has been around for a very long time.

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