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Using web2py and Google App Engine, I create on a model file, a field to upload the image and another one to save its download URL.

Field('logotipo_marca_url', 'upload', uploadfield='logotipo_marca_blob'),
Field('logotipo_marca_blob', 'blob'),    

I order to retrive the image save, I use the default download code from example application:

function download():

When I use the image URL inside html IMG tag, the image is displayed within HTML... but if I paste the image on browser, it will be downloaded instead open in browser.

I've tried to change the response headers, like "Content-type" and "Content-Disposition" but I had sucess with it.

Q1: I need that image opens inside the browser.

Q2: And one thing else happens, the image is downloaded with the same original file name it were uploaded... I need change it and a name that I will choose. How can I do that?

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Go to GAE admin -> Blob Viewer, and check the Content Type of your blobs. What content type is it? – Peter Knego Apr 19 '12 at 9:57
I'm using the Datastore, so there are no blobs listed in Blob Viewer... Is that right? But when I go to Datastore Viewer, I see: logotipo_marca_blob value: 66769 bytes, SHA-1 = fe833540f8569270958fb97a38c8bb24ff806a22 type: blob – Alex Benfica Apr 19 '12 at 11:49
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Image must have Content-Type=image/jpeg (or other relevant type: png, gif..) in order for browser to treat it like an image. Do not use Content-Disposition, this is in browsers used to declare data as downloadable file.

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Hi Peter! I already tryied change Content-Type... like this... def download(): import gluon.contenttype response.headers['Content-Type'] = gluon.contenttype.contenttype('.jpg') return,db) but... no success... Am I doint it wrong? – Alex Benfica Apr 19 '12 at 13:40
Should I change it on models\databse? How? – Alex Benfica Apr 19 '12 at 13:43


function download():
    return,db, attachment=False)
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