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I would like to be able to log the requests that my app receives that are unauthorized. Because the Shiro plugin uses an HTTP redirect to send the user to auth/unauthorized the request object is a fresh one and I can't get the original URL; controller/action name; or request parameters from it.

Is there a way to determine either the original url, or the controller and action names (and request params if possible) inside the AuthController unauthorized action?

I am looking at as a reference of the plugin source.

Grails 1.3.7
Shiro Grails plugin 1.1.3

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I had the same problem... my solution is not perfect:

a browser sends the so called referer in one of the headers which you can get through


But the referer is nothing you really can rely on -- but most of the browsers send it.

Another solution could be the filter: try to write the current url to another variable before you call accessControl() in ShiroSecurityFilters.groovy. You can get the current URL through request.forwardURI.

Update: just verified my last assumption - this seems the cleanest solution to me:

In ShiroSecurityFilters.groovy, replace

            // Access control by convention.


            // Access control by convention.
            if (!accessControl()) {
                session.deniedUrl = request.forwardURI
                return false

which enables you to access the url as session.deniedUrl in your auth/unauthorized controller.

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Sorry about slow reply. Thanks Ralf, your updated solution seems clean and simple. I think I will go with that. – David Apr 23 '12 at 3:54

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