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I have a domain ( I use AWS Route 53 to point this comain to a server hosted on EC2. I was able to add a CNAME record for '' or ''. Route 53 has SOA and NS record for '' and does not allow to add a CNAME record for ''.

I need this record to be able to type the domain with or without the leading 'www' in the browser.

More important, I plan to run a mail server on the machine and I believe mail clients need to resolve the '' part of my user email addresses (e.g.

How do I do that?

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To whoever voted this post down, could you please provide a comment why you did so? Perhaps that could help me write better posts in the future. – adaj21 Apr 19 '12 at 4:34
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To make it all hang together... Set up

  • A # Sets up your main domain
  • CNAME # Sets up your www domain. (you may want to redirect one to the other to avoid duplicate content
  • NS
  • MX

This is assuming your not using ELB

A CNAME cannot point to the root domain. Same DNS services will allow it, but a CNAME should point to a service on the domain. ie - the www service in the above case.

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