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I have some javascript which controls a hidden div. Now it works on most pages, but on other pages with other javascripts it is not working... Is my js written poorly?

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#user-dropdown-toggle").live ('click', function() {
$(".league-judgement").live('click', function() {

Firefox is reporting the following in the error console:

Timestamp: 4/18/2012 9:08:21 PM Error: $("#user-dropdown-toggle") is null

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The $ function in jQuery will never return null. So it is likely it is a different non-jQuery $ in use. (Is there any ASP.NET stuff or prototype.js or other library being used? A custom $ function declared later on?)

I know that $ is itself not null because the exception would be different, such as: "$ is not a function". In this case the browser is saying the result of the expression ($(...)) is null, which leads me to the above conclusion.


$(document).ready(function($) { // <-- note $ there

Or, better yet, as it only relies on window.jQuery and not window.$:

jQuery(function($) { // <-- note $ there

And, if that works, then it is that $ is being clobbered before the "ready" event (but after $(...).ready). Of course, it is possible (but not very likely) that the $ is already not jQuery at this point...

To see if $ is jQuery (use the Web Developer Console or Firebug):

  • $ === jQuery should generally be true, but it might not be depending on noConflict and such
  • $.fn.jquery and $().jquery should both result in the jQuery version as a string
  • $ (just specifying the function on the console will "display the source")

As an aside, I would indent the function body (e.g. in the "ready" callback) to see where it start/ends more clearly.

Happy coding.

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Thanks for the information. I never knew I could do some of that with Firebug. The javascript that is causing mine to break is located here:… and as you can see, it's a lot. I am not a js expert, so I might try and find a smaller js script to convert bbcode in my form. – PaulELI Apr 20 '12 at 22:48
@PaulELI There is this suspicious thing: function $(element){...} in that code, which overrides $ (I think it's in the window scope, but hard to tell with the minimization) and looks like it could be related to the use of the "Prototype.js" library. Anyway, does the function($) approach do the trick? If not, does using jQuery and not $ fix the issue? This should be quite "safe": jQuery(function ($) { /* original stuff that uses $ */ }) and generally immune to other libraries. – user166390 Apr 21 '12 at 1:37
Ok I got it to work with what you said... I didn't comprehend your initial post well and was taking it a different direction, but your original post makes a lot of sense now. Thanks a ton, it fixed it. This is good to know for future js endeavors. The prototype or whatever library the Rich Text editor is using seems to be a culprit in some more issues, so I will probably go ahead and replace it. – PaulELI Apr 21 '12 at 22:38
Cool, glad you solved your issue :-) – user166390 Apr 21 '12 at 23:26

The first thing I would check is to make sure jQuery is included on all pages. I assume this is the case since it did not have issue with the $(document).ready bit but you never know.

Take a look at this post for more info: jquery ("#field") is null

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You should add your jquery script/include line.

Also you mention "other JS" on same page.. you should check that it is not loading a different version of JQuery than the one you are using -- overriding your imported version of your library.....

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