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I am working on android 4.03's Contacts, in CallLogFragment(extend from ListFragment):

I overrides onListItemClick in CallLogFragment, I want the frameworks call onListItemClick. But it didn't call. After view the source code, I found that the item view's sub view has been set the onclickListenner in CallLogAdapter:

private void findAndCacheViews(View view) {
    // Get the views to bind to.
    CallLogListItemViews views = CallLogListItemViews.fromView(view);

The CallLogListItemViews is the item view in ListView, the primaryActionView is the member class view in CallLogListItemViews, when I click the item in ListView, the ListFragment's onListItemClick can't be triggered, but the callback function(mPrimaryActionListener) was triggered. How should I do that the onListItemClick can be triggered when I click the item? Thanks very much!

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