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Is there an AES encryption library for clojure? should I use a java libray available through maven or clojars? Thank your for your time and consideration.

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Here is a perhaps more idiomatic example using the available java crypto libraries. encrypt and decrypt here each simply take input text and the encryption key, both as Strings.

(import (javax.crypto Cipher KeyGenerator SecretKey)
        (javax.crypto.spec SecretKeySpec)
        (java.security SecureRandom)
        (org.apache.commons.codec.binary Base64))

(defn bytes [s]
  (.getBytes s "UTF-8"))

(defn base64 [b]
  (Base64/encodeBase64String b))

(defn debase64 [s]
  (Base64/decodeBase64 (bytes s)))

(defn get-raw-key [seed]
  (let [keygen (KeyGenerator/getInstance "AES")
        sr (SecureRandom/getInstance "SHA1PRNG")]
    (.setSeed sr (bytes seed))
    (.init keygen 128 sr)
    (.. keygen generateKey getEncoded)))

(defn get-cipher [mode seed]
  (let [key-spec (SecretKeySpec. (get-raw-key seed) "AES")
        cipher (Cipher/getInstance "AES")]
    (.init cipher mode key-spec)

(defn encrypt [text key]
  (let [bytes (bytes text)
        cipher (get-cipher Cipher/ENCRYPT_MODE key)]
    (base64 (.doFinal cipher bytes))))

(defn decrypt [text key]
  (let [cipher (get-cipher Cipher/DECRYPT_MODE key)]
    (String. (.doFinal cipher (debase64 text)))))

Used suchwise:

(def key "secret key")
(def encrypted (encrypt "My Secret" key)) ;; => "YsuYVJK+Q6E36WjNBeZZdg=="
(decrypt encrypted key) ;; => "My Secret"
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Someone packaged this up as github.com/clavoie/lock-key/blob/master/src/lock_key/core.clj –  Paul Legato Apr 22 '14 at 22:25

Java's AES implementation is well-tested and included in the JDK…any Clojure library would likely use that impl itself.

See Java 256-bit AES Password-Based Encryption for a decent discussion of the Java API. Also, http://jyliao.blogspot.com/2010/08/exploring-java-aes-encryption-algorithm.html has an example of using the API from Clojure (though the code there isn't entirely idiomatic).

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