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I am working on an WebApp which requires a function to allow user to

  1. Select a image from gallery
  2. Apply a mask on it
  3. Save it to a png image with transparent background

Is there any way to do it? Jquery? HTML5 canvas?

I tried to use HTML5 canvas with context.drawimage() from this site, it displays perfectly on the screen but when I called canvas.toDataURL(), it came up with a blank image. Could anyone help? Welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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You cannot get data from an image which is not in your domain for security reasons. This is probably why you get a blank image, you should check your browser console.

You can read this topic if you want details Why does canvas.toDataURL() throw a security exception?

Anyway, yes canvas stores pixels into a rgba array so you can have transparent background. Use it this way :

    var img = document.createElement("img");
    img.src = cvs.toDataURL("image/png");

If you want advanced help then don't forget to post your code. I hope my advice will be enough, good luck !

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