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I have an Xml like this:

    <content type="HTML">
        <body>something goes there</body>
    <content type="Text">
      Something goes there

With content is text type, I can get with node.getTextContent().
The problem is I want to get all the Html content from Xml tree. So the result I want to get is the string:

  "<html><head></head><body>some thing goes there</body></html>"

How can I do that with Document (DOM) in Android?
Note: Because I have to edit some xml content, so I can't use SAX.

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See DOM parser Example:


A xml may have different type of nodes, see possible Node Types: http://www.w3schools.com/dom/dom_nodetype.asp

You have various methods in android to parse Xml through DOM parser, methods useful are following:

getElementsByTagName - Return Array of Nodes by Tag Name specified.
getChildNodes - retervies the list of childs of Node
getAttributes()- retrieves attributes of a Node
getFirstChild- returns first child node of Node Object
getNodeName, getNodeType, getNodeValue- returns corresponding values from Node
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Thanks. I have already read these APIs. But it is not easy to solve my problem because I need not only node name and value, but also the '<,>' tag. So, the question is HOW? – R4j Apr 19 '12 at 5:16

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