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I am trying to create emulator for Samsung Galaxy Note. But it is not working.

I tried the following config

  • sdk r17
  • platform 2.3.3
  • resolution 1280x800
  • density 320

Emulator skin is comeup. But it doesn't have any navigation keys (menu, back and home keys). Also no keyboard displayed.

I also tried with platform 4.0.3. Same problem there. Emulator comes up without any keys.

For Galaxy Tab I use Samsung addon. So no problem with emulator. But I couldn't' find any addon for Galaxy Note.

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Did u gie any resolution as default value as 1280*800? if so it will come without keys only.This will occur in normal emulator for me. just select the built in resolution while creating emulator through avd manager. – deepa Apr 19 '12 at 4:38

I have created a Galaxy Note AVD skin, which you can download from GitHub (direct download) with credits to Heiko Behrens, whose article you can refer to understand how to use it.

In short, you can simply extract the zip file to the < PathToAndroidSDK >/platforms/android-X/skins/ directory (were X is the API level of the SDK you want to use - in case of 2.3.3, it would be 10). You can then create the AVD from a freshly started AVD manager which will show "Galaxy Note" skin for that API level.

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I am not able to use my system keyboard to enter text in the emulator. – Nishant May 25 '12 at 4:45
Which SDK version are you using? Check also – Rajesh May 25 '12 at 8:16
It's working after adding keyboard support for emulator. Thanks for your Galaxy Note AVD. – Nishant May 25 '12 at 9:28
Many thanks for the skin. It works perfectly well. – deeJ Jul 16 '12 at 9:03
I get lots of OutOfMemoryErrors when I try to use this skin. Any ideas why? – J. B. Rainsberger Nov 12 '12 at 18:25

Hi user1123931 while creating AVD in eclipse there is an option in Hardware section -> New-> Keyboard Support. select it while creating or editing you device. The keyboard should be visible now.enter image description here

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Thanks you saved me a lot of headache – Dominic Tobias Sep 13 '12 at 10:13

There are specially developed skins to provide those UI elements in the Emulator. You can also use the special keyboard shortcuts in replacement of those UI buttons: Android Emulator Shortcut Keys

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