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I have front-end JS files:


and I request http://example.com/js/all.js, I will get a file with all contents of a.js, b.js and c.js.

Is there any library provides such function in NodeJS?

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require.js should offer the functionality you're looking for if the node common.js isn't enough.

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You may use simple linux cat to concatenate all scripts into one.

cat ./a.js ./b.js ./c.js > all.js

Also you can execute this command from node.js.

Concatenating scripts to all.js with node.js (on air) not the best way because this will increase the server load.

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You should check out anvil: https://github.com/arobson/anvil.js

It offers a highly configurable process for preparing a number of front end files, although I can't seem to find an API that can be used directly from your node application.

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