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This is a stupid question, but i want to know, how is named the OOP functionnality that consists to give a value to an object and dont lost the object, for example in javascript it works with the String object, but if i want to create an Object which i can set a value, how i do that ? :

// i set beer to budweiser
beer = new String('budweiser');

// beer is still String object and i changed its value ..
beer = 'Pabst';

But in PHP when i do something like :

//robert is a new guy instance, and he is cool
$robert = new Guy('cool');

//but you discover he is stealing ur money
$robert = 'asshole';

//now if i want to use a Guy method, i cant

so i want to know, how this OOP functionality is named and how i can use it in PHP and JS ?

thanks !

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what you just did is create a new instance, stored it in the variable, replaced the value in the variable (thus losing the instances), and in your PHP example, $robert->throwRocks() does not exist because $robert is an asshole (no pun intended, but it's funny) string, and not an instance of Guy (which I assume has the method throwRocks()) – Joseph the Dreamer Apr 19 '12 at 5:51
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Im not sure I understand your question (nor the humour), but you can make a class and assign variables to that class through the construct & __set then retrieve them through a method or property:

Here is some pseudo code:

Class guy{
    private $vars = array();

    //Assigns name from the passed param
    function __construct($name){
        $this->name = $name;

    public function __set($index, $value){$this->vars[$index] = $value;}
    public function __get($index){return $this->vars[$index];}

    public function getName(){
    return $this->name;

$guy = new guy('Bob');

echo $guy->getName(); //Bob

$guy->name = "Steve";

echo $guy->getName(); //Steve

$guy->somerandVar = 'Bill'; //(Can only set because of the __set setter)

echo $guy->somerandVar; //Bill //Can only get because of the __get getter
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