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In Linux gcc version 4.1.2 I am getting error "cc: unrecognized option '-Xa'". Any idea about this compiler option '-Xa' . However it gets compiled in solaris gcc 3.4.3 version.

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Howerver, the ouput is "cc...". Are you sure you are using gcc. not other compiler(e.g SUN cc) ?

You can install gcc on Solaris, HPUX, AIX etc. but you typically cannot install the proprietary cc compilers in other environments, including linux.

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my CC on linux is linked to GCC as cc -> gcc . so inturn its gcc –  bhuvana Apr 19 '12 at 6:12

-Xa is a Sun C compiler option. From Man Page cc.1:

          Specifies the degree of conformance to the ISO C stan-

          a    This is the default compiler mode. ISO C plus K&R
               C compatibility extensions, with semantic changes
               required by ISO C. Where K&R C and ISO C specify
               different semantics for the same construct, the
               compiler uses the ISO C interpretation. If the -Xa
               option is used in conjunction with the -xtransi-
               tion option, the compiler issues warnings about
               the different semantics. The predefined macro
               __STDC__ has a value of 0 with the -Xa option.
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