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Very basic question, but I'm having trouble tracking down the answer on the web. I have a template, which I want to link to the django admin site (i.e. localhost:8000/admin). What is the code for this?

I'm imagining something like

<a href="{% url admin.site.root %}">link to admin panel</a>

However, when I try the above snippet I get:

Caught an exception while rendering:
  Reverse for 'project_name.django.contrib.admin.sites.root' with
  arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{}' not found.


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Try what Oggy is suggesting but then use ':' instead of '_' with the current Django:

<a href="{% url 'admin:index' %}">link to admin panel</a>
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This did the trick for me. With Django 1.3, using admin_index gave me a TemplateSyntaxError: Caught NoReverseMatch while rendering: Reverse for 'admin_index' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{}' not found. Using admin:index instead provided a working admin site URL. – Christopher Parker Jul 5 '11 at 16:57
For anyone coming here from Google, Django 1.5+ it's {% url "admin:index" %}, with the quotes – Eric Amorde Feb 28 '14 at 3:04

Which django version are you using? If you're using trunk, change your admin urlpatterns from:

(r'^admin/(.*)', admin.site.root)


('^admin/', include(admin.site.urls))

And then you get a named URL pattern called 'admin_index' which you can refer to. See


for more information

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