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I'm using kohana 2.x for my project,I've following query

 $result = ORM::factory('table1')

Using above query I can fetch data from table1,but I need fetch data from table2 also.When I'm giving like this


It showing error,how can I fetch the data from table2.

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Your statement is neither ORM or Active Record. If you have a Table1_Model class that extends ORM class then you can use ORM::factory('table1'); You also need almost same thing for table2. And for each class there should be relations declared. Getting Started with ORM

The resultant models will be,

class Table1_Model extends ORM {
    protected $has_one = array('table2');

class Table2_Model extends ORM {
    protected $has_one = array('table1');

Now you can query like this,

$result = ORM::factory('table1', 1);
echo $result->table1_column_name;
echo $result->table2->table2_column_name;
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Its working now,thanks for your answer.Where I can find the documents to learn Kohana ORM other than Kohana own documentation – Mahesh.D Apr 19 '12 at 8:20
Kohana 2x had a small sized community. So I didn't find anything helpful. The documentation is quite good. Also try to generate documentation from the kohana source by phpdoc or something. This will be a good source of api doc. – Apr 19 '12 at 8:23

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